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2018 Legislative District Caucus

Save the date!  All democrats in the 36th legislative district are welcome to join us:

36th Legislative District Caucus
Saturday, March 24th, 10:00 AM
Seattle Labor Temple
2800 1st Ave in Belltown
Pre-register here!
Free Parking Garage Instructions

10:00 AM: Sign-in Begins
10:45 AM: Caucus Begins

Optional Registration Fee:  $10

Proposed Agenda
Proposed Rules

Platform and Resolutions

The rules provide for no more than 60 minutes to consider adoption of a platform and resolutions.  The Platform and Resolutions Committee has recommended the proposed platform below for adoption.    The Platform will be considered first (see Rules for the scope of amendment and debate from the floor of the caucus), then submitted resolutions as time allows.  For a resolution to be considered at the caucus, it must be emailed in Word format to by 11:59 PM on Thursday, March 22, 2018.  The order of consideration of these resolutions will be based on the number of signatures of caucus attendees in support of the resolution, with the resolution with the most signatures being considered first.  Any resolution that is not submitted by the above deadline will only be considered as time allows.  Submitted resolutions will be posted here on Friday, March 23, 2018.

Proposed Platform

What Will Happen at the LD Caucus?

In midterm years there is no presidential election, but there is important business to cover!  At the Legislative District (LD) Caucus on March 24th, we will be electing delegates to the State Convention, voting on a Democratic Platform and resolutions, and hearing from elected officials, candidates, and other guest speakers.  Join your neighbors from the 36th District at the local Democratic Party’s biggest rally of the year!

Who may attend?

Everyone!  Anyone who is registered to vote in the 36th legislative district and considers themselves to be a democrat may vote to elect delegates to the state convention and on platform and resolutions.

How do I run as a delegate?

The 36th District will be electing 18 Delegates and 9 Alternates to the State Convention.  The Delegate and Alternate slots must be divided as close to equal as possible between men and women, not counting any non-binary candidates.  Anyone who is registered to vote in the 36th District and identifies as a Democrat may run as a delegate or Alternate.

After you sign in, there will be a table off to the side for people to sign up to run for delegate.  You have to specifically write your name on a list to be a candidate, because we will be using that list to print ballots.  An announcement will be made when candidate sign-ins will close.  If you are unable to attend the LD Caucus but would like to be considered as a candidate for election as delegate, please email

In the second half of the agenda, after ballots are printed, candidates for delegate will then give speeches.  The rules provide for 60-second speeches, except that this time limit can be shortened as necessary to fit in all speeches within one hour.

When voting for delegates, attendees will place an “X” next to exactly 18 candidate names.  Ballots with more or fewer than 18 votes will be discarded.

Tallying may take a lot of time and may or may not be completed before the LD caucus ends.  Results will be posted on our website by Monday, March 26, 2018.  Candidates who provide a legible email address will be notified by email.

What is the Democratic Platform?

The Democratic Platform is a statement of our values that we vote on every two years.  It is a document we can point to when assessing where candidates stand on the issues and how well elected officials are representing us.   You can view the proposed Platform from the Platform and Resolutions Committee above.  The final Platform adopted at the LD Caucus will serve as the platform of the 36th District Democrats for the next two years, subject to amendment at any regular meeting of the 36th District Democrats.  It will also be submitted for consideration when drafting the King County and State Democratic platforms.

What is a Resolution?

A resolution is a stand-alone statement about a particular bill or issue.  While the Platform is a statement of values, a resolution is a statement of a specific position.  To submit a resolution for consideration at the LD caucus, see the Rules and the process under the “Platform and Resolutions” section above.  Any adopted resolutions will be submitted for consideration at the King County and State Democratic Conventions.

What Happens at the State Convention?

The State Convention will be held on June 16, 2018, in Wenatchee.  More details will be available soon.  This is the State Party’s biggest rally every two years.  A platform and resolutions will be adopted, as well as other party-specific business.  There is no national convention in midterm years, so no delegates will be elected.

Doesn’t the LD Caucus Conflict with the March For Our Lives?

Yes.  The LD Caucus date and time was selected several months ago.  However, we will be joining the 32nd and 46th District Democrats for an afternoon rally in support of March for our Lives.  Meet at 3:30 PM at Shoreline City Hall (17500 Midvale Ave N in Shoreline).  Parking is available.  We will march from 175th to 185th.  More info here:

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