Executive Board

Below are the current Executive board officers as of February 2019.

Title Name Email Phone
Chair Nicole Gomez chair@36th.org 206-310-7672
Vice Chair Alice MacLean vicechair@36th.org 206-384-1037
Treasurer Sheri Feld treasurer@36th.org 206-851-8397
Secretary Laura Baird secretary@36th.org
Political Director Jeff Manson political@36th.org 206-617-5333
Policy Director Summer Stinson policy@36th.org 206-239-8504
Communications Director Brittney Bush Bollay communications@36th.org
WSDCC Representative – Pos. 1 Elizabeth Siegel wsdccrep1@36th.org
WSDCC Representative – Pos. 2 Robert Cruickshank wsdccrep2@36th.org 206-492-9408
KCDCC Representative – Pos. 1 Hanna Brooks Olsen kcdccrep1@36th.org 541-556-3421
KCDCC Representative – Pos. 2 Mackenzie McAninch kcdccrep2@36th.org 646-979-8117
PCO Recruitment Coordinator Clayton Evans pcorecruitment@36th.org 206-733-0833
Neighborhood Committee Officer – Pos. 1 Jamie Clausen nco1@36th.org 206-747-4141
Neighborhood Committee Officer – Pos. 2 Laurie Meyer nco2@36th.org 206-849-7171
Neighborhood Committee Officer – Pos. 3 Jayson Morris nco3@36th.org 206-257-9206
Neighborhood Committee Officer – Pos. 4 Constance McBarron nco4@36th.org 425-802-3525
Neighborhood Committee Officer – Pos. 5 Layla Al-Jamal Judkins nco5@36th.org
Membership Coordinator VACANT membership@36th.org
Events Coordinator Keelcy Perez Woolley events@36th.org 206-384-1037
Fundraising Coordinator Liz Campbell fundraising@36th.org 412-818-1333
Online Communications Coordinator Michael Hill updates@36th.org
Data Manager Sean Sandys data@36th.org 206-910-6225

Interested in joining the Executive Board? Contact Nicole Gomez at chair@36th.org.

Additionally, the 36th has two Alternates to the King County Democrats Executive Committee, who do not sit on the 36th Executive Board.

Position Candidate(s) Email Phone
KCDCC Alternate Keelcy Perez Woolley kcdccrep1@36th.org 509-619-2326
KCDCC Alternate Terique Scott kcdccrep2@36th.org 440-796-9592


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