Executive Board

Below are the current Executive board officers as of February 2019.

Title Name Email Phone
Chair Nicole Gomez chair@36th.org 206-310-7672
Vice Chair Ben Lindsey vicechair@36th.org 206-409-9816
Treasurer Sheri Feld treasurer@36th.org 206-851-8397
Secretary Laura Baird secretary@36th.org
Political Director Sarah Reyneveld political@36th.org 206-795-7555
Policy Director Summer Stinson policy@36th.org 206-239-8504
Communications Director Brittney Bollay communications@36th.org
WSDCC Representative – Pos. 1 Elizabeth Siegel wsdccrep1@36th.org
WSDCC Representative – Pos. 2 Robert Cruickshank wsdccrep2@36th.org 206-492-9408
KCDCC Representative – Pos. 1 Hanna Brooks Olsen kcdccrep1@36th.org 541-556-3421
KCDCC Representative – Pos. 2 Matthew Kanter kcdccrep2@36th.org 425-577-3211
PCO Recruitment Coordinator Clayton Evans pcorecruitment@36th.org 206-733-0833
Neighborhood Committee Officer – Pos. 1 Jamie Clausen nco1@36th.org 206-747-4141
Neighborhood Committee Officer – Pos. 2 Laurie Meyer nco2@36th.org 206-849-7171
Neighborhood Committee Officer – Pos. 3 Jayson Morris nco3@36th.org 206-257-9206
Neighborhood Committee Officer – Pos. 4 Constance McBarron nco4@36th.org 425-802-3525
Neighborhood Committee Officer – Pos. 5 Layla Al-Jamal Judkins nco5@36th.org
Membership Coordinator Jeff Manson membership@36th.org 206-617-5333
Events Coordinator Alice MacLean events@36th.org 206-384-1037
Fundraising Coordinator Liz Campbell fundraising@36th.org 412-818-1333
Online Communications Coordinator Michael Hill updates@36th.org
Data Manager Sean Sandys data@36th.org 206-910-6225

Interested in joining the Executive Board? Contact Nicole Gomez at chair@36th.org.

Additionally, the 36th has two Alternates to the King County Democrats Executive Committee, who do not sit on the 36th Executive Board.

Position Candidate(s) Email Phone
KCDCC Alternate Keelcy Perez kcdccrep1@36th.org 509-619-2326
KCDCC Alternate Terique Scott kcdccrep2@36th.org 440-796-9592


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