Executive Board

Below are the current Executive board officers as of December 1, 2022.

Position E-board Member Email address
Chair  Sarah Reyneveld Chair@36th.org
Vice Chair Alice Palosaari ViceChair@36th.org 
Treasurer Sheri Feld Treasurer@36th.org 
Secretary Laura Lewis Secretary@36th.org 
Political Director Jeremy Swirsley Political@36th.org 
Policy Director Consuelo Echeverria Policy@36th.org 
Communications Director Stephanie Celt Communications@36th.org 
WSDCC Rep. 1 Nicole Palczewski WSDCCRep1@36th.org 
WSDCC Rep. 2 Ethan Anderson WSDCCRep2@36th.org 
KCDCC Rep. 1 Summer Stinson KCDCCRep1@36th.org 
KCDCC Rep. 2 Shep Salusky KCDCCRep2@36th.org 
Neighborhood Committee
Officer – 1 (Greenwood/Phinney)
Susan Stoltzfus NCO1@36th.org 
Neighborhood Committee
Officer – 2 (Belltown/Uptown)
Elizabeth Walter NCO2@36th.org 
Neighborhood Committee
Officer – 3 (Magnolia)
David Kaplan NCO3@36th.org 
Neighborhood Committee
Officer – 4 (Ballard)
Andie Aldana NCO4@36th.org 
Neighborhood Committee
Officer – 5 (Loyal Heights/Sunset Hill/Broadview)
Layla Al-Jamal Judkins NCO5@36th.org 
Neighborhood Committee
Officer – 6 (Queen Anne/Westlake)
Clayton Evans NCO6@36th.org 
Membership Coordinator Barbara Oakrock membership@36th.org 
Events Coordinator Vacant events@36th.org 
Fundraising Coordinator Katie Lillie fundraising@36th.org 
Data & Technology Manager Stephen Paolini data@36th.org 
Advocacy & Resolutions Coordinator Pat McGah advocacy@36th.org


*KCDCC Alt. 1
(non-voting member)
Nicole Palczewski KCDCCRep1@36th.org 
*KCDCC Alt. 2
(non-voting member)
John Comerford KCDCCRep2@36th.org 

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