It’s Time to File For PCO


Precinct Committee Officers, or PCOs, are the backbone of our organization. PCOs are Democratic leaders in their neighborhoods, helping their precinct with voting information, distributing our endorsement list, and reminding voters to get their ballots in on time. They also have special voting rights in 36th District Democrats elections.

If you are an Elected PCO, your current term ends November 30th this year.  We hope you file for re-election for another two-year term!  If you would like to become an Elected PCO, you must file this week. Filing begins 9am Monday and ends at 4pm Friday.  To file for PCO and for an instruction video, click here:

File For PCO Election!

If you are the only Democrat who files in your precinct, you will win automatically.  If two or more candidates file for the same precinct, your names will appear on the 2020 Primary ballot and the candidate with the most votes will be elected.  You can see who has filed for all elected offices, including PCO, here.  (King County Elections will update this list at least twice daily.)

Elected PCOs have certain rights and privileges extended to them by state law and Democratic Party rules.  Only PCOs elected or appointed to their own resident precinct may vote on 36th bylaws changes, for certain 36th officers, and on appointments to fill legislative vacancies.  This year, the State Democratic Party also extended voting rights to Elected and Appointed PCOs for electing delegates to the Congressional District Caucus and State Convention.

If you have any questions, please contact Political Director Jeff Manson or your Neighborhood Committee Officer (NCO).

Thank you for your work and dedication!