2017 Reorganization Meeting

Every two years, the 36th District Democrats organization reorganizes and elects a new batch of officers, appoints PCOs for a new biennium, and considers potential bylaws changes.  Please join us!

36th District Democrats Reorganization Meeting
Wednesday, January 18, 2017
7:00 – 9:00 PM
Phinney Neighborhood Association – Lower Building
6615 Dayton Avenue North

Proposed Agenda
Proposed Rules
Proposed Bylaws Changes

Under state law and the Washington State Democrats Charter, only Elected PCOs may vote on bylaws changes and for certain officer positions:  Chair, Vice Chair, female and male delegates to the WA State Democratic Central Committee, and female and male delegates to the King County Democratic Central Committee.  (All other PCOs and dues-paying members may vote for the other positions.)  If you are not an Elected PCO and are interested in being (re-)appointed, please visit this page for more info.

Declared Candidates for Officer Positions

Interested in running for a position?  Email jeffmanson1@gmail.com and your name will be added within 12 hours.

Below is a list of declared candidates for 36th officer positions and their contact info.  In addition to the job duties associated with the position, each of these officers sits on the 36th Executive Board:

Position Candidate(s) Email Phone
Chair Jeff Manson jeffmanson1@gmail.com 206-617-5333
Vice Chair Elizabeth Siegel ristoli@yahoo.com
WSDCC Representative – Female Sophia Danenberg sd98109-democrat@yahoo.com
WSDCC Representative – Male David Kaplan davidkaplan@pipeline.com 206-283-2362
Robert Cruickshank cruickshank@gmail.com 206-492-9408
Justin Baird wjustinbaird@icloud.com 206-328-2264
KCDCC Representative – Female Bevin McLeod bevin.mcleod@gmail.com 720-938-0975
KCDCC Representative – Male Leon Bart-Williams leonbartwilliams@gmail.com 917-838-9318
Daniel Kelly decadankelly@gmail.com 206-940-6959
Jonathan Scanlon scanlon.jonathan@gmail.com 206-925-3119
Secretary Jason Osgood jason@jasonosgood.com 206-724-2119
Treasurer Sheri Feld sherifeldspar@gmail.com 206-851-8397
Membership Coordinator Jason Bennett jason@jasonb.org 206-486-0085
Events Coordinator Nicole Gomez Nicole.Gomez@gmail.com 206-310-7672
Fundraising Coordinator Brittney Bollay brittneybush@gmail.com
Political Director Sarah Reyneveld sarahreyneveld@gmail.com 206-795-7555
PCO Recruitment Coordinator Clayton Evans claytonevans8@gmail.com 206-733-0833
Neighborhood Committee Officer – Pos. 1 Elizabeth Walter ewalter@w-link.net 206-298-9903
Neighborhood Committee Officer – Pos. 2 Liz Campbell lizabethe204@gmail.com 206-441-2366
Neighborhood Committee Officer – Pos. 3 David Kaplan davidkaplan@pipeline.com 206-283-2362
Neighborhood Committee Officer – Pos. 4 Jayson Morris morris.jayson@gmail.com 206-257-9206
Policy Director Summer Stinson summerstinson@gmail.com 206-239-8504
Communications Director Ben Lindsey benjaminlindsey@gmail.com 206-409-9816
Alex Alatorre aletorre1981@gmail.com
Online Communications Coordinator Michael Hill michaelarthurhill@gmail.com
Data Manager Sean Sandys sean.sandys@gmail.com 206-910-6225

Additionally, we will be electing two Alternates to the King County Democrats Executive Committee, one of each gender.  Alternates have a vote when the Committeewoman or -man of the same gender is not present at King County meetings.  King County Alternates do not sit on the 36th Executive Board.

Position Candidate(s) Email Phone
KCDCC Alternate – Female Mary Wallon mwallon21@gmail.com 206-285-1348
KCDCC Alternate – Male Daniel Kelly decadankelly@gmail.com 206-940-6959

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