Are you a member of the 36th District Democrats planning to submit a resolution to be considered by our members? If so, email your Word or Google Document to 10-days prior to our meeting if we are back to meeting in-person; or 12-days if we are meeting remotely. This lead time allows us to email it to the membership ahead of time. See the Bylaws (Article XII) for more details. 

Please note: Resolutions may only be submitted by members in good standing. Certain decisions/votes are restricted to Elected and Appointed PCOs, such as bylaws changes and election of certain officers. If you are a brand new member of the 36th, there is a 25-day waiting period before you attain voting rights. (This waiting period is waived for those who were members during the previous calendar year.) 

Would you like to join the resolutions committee? Contact us at

Here are resolutions for the past two years:

Jan. 2021Reorganization mtg.
Dec. 2020No mtg.
Nov. 2020None submitted.
Oct. 2020[Motion to suspend rules failed; resolution was not considered] Resolution condemning dishonest attack mailer against a fellow democrat

[Motion to suspend rules failed; resolution was not considered] Resolution to add to the platform re blood donations by the gay community
Sept. 2020Endorsement mtg.
Aug. 2020None submitted.
Jul. 2020[Passed] Resolution calling for the resignation of Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan
Jun. 2020[Passed] Resolution for meaningful police accountability actions

[Passed] Resolution opposing budget cuts and supporting taxing the rich
May 2020[Passed] Resolution in support of I-131: An act to tax big business to fund affordable green housing in the City of Seattle
Apr. 2020None submitted.
Mar. 2020None submitted.
Feb. 2020[Passed] Resolution to support the proposed legislative requirement that presidential and vice presidential candidates disclose five years of tax returns in order to appear on Washington’s primary and general election ballot

[Passed] Resolution to support the ORCA for All Campaign

[Passed] Resolution to support progressive taxation
Jan. 2020Cancelled: Weather
Dec. 2019No mtg.
Nov. 2019No mtg.
Oct. 2019[Passed] Resolution in Opposition to Arrests of Commercial Sex Workers

[Passed] Resolution in Support of Community Health Engagement Locations
Sept. 2019Endorsement mtg.
Aug. 2019[Passed] Resolution to Support a Green New Deal in Seattle

[Passed] Resolution in Support of Restoring the State’s Overtime Threshold
Jul. 2019None.
Jun. 2019[Passed] Resolution to Request a Presidential Debate on the Climate Crisis
May 2019Endorsement mtg.
Apr. 2019[Passed] Seattle is Dying
Mar. 2019[Passed] Resolution Calling on State Committee Members to Vote in Favor of a Primary as the Determining Step for Presidential Delegate Allocation

[Passed] Resolution Urging the WA State Legislature to Amply Fund Public Education
Feb. 2019[Passed] Support for Concurrent Construction of the NE 130th Street Light Rail Station and Lynwood Link Extension
Jan. 2019Reorganization mtg.