St. Paddy’s Fundraiser is a Success!


Thank you to everyone who came to the St. Paddy’s Day fundraiser at Rep. Tarleton’s home!  We had over 50 people attend, raised over a thousand dollars, and collected two full grocery bags of canned goods for the Ballard Food Bank.

And we had a lot of fun!  As Gael said afterward:  “You can tell the difference between an event and a party, and this is a party!”  The festivities included a traditional Irish feast and a limerick contest.  Thank you Gael for yet another fantastic party for the 36th!

Thank you also to Sen. Jeanne Kohl-Welles and King County Councilmember Larry Phillips who also attended.

Be sure to join us next year!

Elizabeth Siegel, Sophia Danenberg, Jeff Manson, and Janet St. Clair

Gael with Chris, Evan Clifthorne, Josh Castle, and Pete Mills

Gael and her Legislative Assistant Michelle Nance with Jacob Thorpe

Gael kicked off the limerick contest

David Kaplan adds his limerick

About half the limericks featured Sen. Rodney Tom

A sample of the feast!