Watch Videos of Candidate Interviews


To be considered for an Executive Board’s recommendation, a candidate must participate in a recorded interview. You can check them out yourself!

US Congress – Dist. 7

Jim McDermott
(Congressman McDermott conducted the interview via phone, hence the black video.)

WA State Senate

Jeanne Kohl-Welles

WA State House – Pos. 1

Reuven Carlyle


WA State House – Pos. 2

Gael Tarleton


WA Supreme Court – Pos. 1

Mary Yu


WA Supreme Court – Pos. 3

Mary Fairhust


WA Supreme Court – Pos. 4

Charles Johnson


WA Supreme Court – Pos. 7

Debra Stephens


KC Superior Court – Pos. 16

John Chun


KC Superior Court – Pos. 27

Tanya Thorp


KC Superior Court – Pos. 47

Roger Rogoff


KC District Court – West – Pos.1

Johanna Bender


KC District Court – West – Pos. 5

Anne Harper


Seattle Municipal Court – Pos. 2

Kimi Kondo


Jon Zimmerman


Seattle Municipal Court – Pos. 7

Fred Bonner


Damon Shadid


Seattle Parks District