Executive Board Endorsements Working Code of Conduct

Internal E-Board Working Rules

[16 April 2023]

Please note that while these are not a formal part of our 36th bylaws, we as an Executive Board seek to hold ourselves to a high standard, to act with integrity, and to carefully consider candidates seeking elected office on behalf of our membership. We further seek to make the process of running for office more transparent, welcoming, and inclusive so that we do our part of fostering a more diverse body of candidates seeking, being elected, being appointed, and holding office.

  1. We welcome substantive engagement between candidates, PCOs, E-Board members, and broader membership as a part of civic engagement, learning, and the opportunity for voters and candidates to establish meaningful relationships.  While we welcome informational and educational engagement, we – as a matter of fairness – request that candidates do not lobby individual E-Board members for the purposes of securing a 36th endorsement.
  2. In order to uphold fairness, each E-Board member will disclose all conflicts with regards to any specific race prior to any discussion of or action around that specific race. (This includes disclosing endorsements and contributions prior to endorsement votes.)
  3. While individual E-Board members may endorse a candidate in their personal capacity, we ask that no such endorsement include the E-Board member’s 36th affiliation to avoid confusion with regards to institutional endorsement prior to the conclusion of the 36th institutional process.
  4. We have a shared commitment to respect and appreciate candidates who are running, and acknowledge how important a public service running for office is.
  5. We seek to create and convene a transparent, fair, accessible, inclusive, respectful, and rigorous  process that welcomes everyone running for office with Democratic values.

We actively welcome further input from our membership, those running for office, and broader stakeholders for how to improve our endorsement process, get out the vote, and build a deeper bench of outstanding candidates who uphold Democratic values.

Find more on our Endorsement Process for candidates or Endorsement Rules or sign up to be a PCO or join as a member of the Thundering 36th!