Current PCO List

Our goal is to fill every precinct with a Precinct Committee Officer (PCO) who will knock on their neighbors’ doors (or send a postcard) twice a year to remind them to vote.  Learn how to become a PCO!

Each PCO has an assigned Neighborhood Committee Officer (NCO).  The NCOs help organize the PCOs with the Political Director, Jeremy Swirsley ( 

Per the 36th District Democrats Data Policy, contact information for PCOs is not made publicly available. If you require contact information for the purposes of an election, please email to obtain the Data Policy terms.

Last updated 5/7/2023:

1286Jamie ClausenElected
1287John BirnelElected
1291Peter HouseAppointed
1296Summer StinsonActing
1298John BurbankElected
1303Marilyn YimElected
1304Dorothy CraigElected
1305Erin ChenElected
1306Kate MartinElected
1307Mike SnyderElected
1308Christopher Covert-BowldsAppointed
1317Dean FournierAppointed
1319Nicholas BoltenElected
1323Amy WheelessElected
1324Kristina BulajewskiAppointed
1326Josh ChristensenElected
1329John SpinosaElected
1331Evan KoneckyElected
1338Toby ThalerElected
1342Heidi BennettElected
1343Susan StolzfusActing
1345James ApaElected
1355Dave SchuldtElected
1382Brad SevertsonElected
1384Christine IngersollElected
1385Margaret SturdivantActing
1386Faith WimberleyAppointed
1396Alice WoldtElected
1397Ryan PaulElected
1398Mackenzie McAninchAppointed
1399Consuelo EcheverriaElected
1662Ted WillhiteElected
1663Peggy WillisActing
1664Paula EmeryElected
1670Suzanne Dale EsteyElected
1673Tim HesterbergAppointed
1675Nicholas FohsActing
1676Janis TravenElected
1683Carol ButterfieldElected
1685Nick CullenElected
1693Thomas BauerElected
1698David KaplanElected
1699Jayson MorrisElected
1701Judi GibbsElected
1703Steven MaheshwaryAppointed
1709Elizabeth WalterElected
1714Tomas ZenkAppointed
1719Martha ReyneveldElected
1720Pam LongstonElected
1722Penny LipsouElected
1726Liz BerryElected
1727Chester ZellerElected
1735Katie RodihanElected
1740Atif OsmaniElected
1743Linda KellyElected
1746Tina PodlodowskiElected
1747Ingrid ElliottElected
1750Sheppard SaluskyElected
1751Laurel ThackerActing
1754Laura Marie RiveraActing
1757Stephen PaoliniElected
1759Brittney BollayElected
1760Mary WallonElected
1763Kirstin HaugenElected
1764Tyler CroneAppointed
1770Ian StewartElected
1803Melissa TudorElected
1808David KrafchickElected
1812Clayton EvansElected
1815Sean SandysElected
1816Alex Bejaran EstevezAppointed
2116Jeremy SwirsleyElected
2117Nicole GomezElected
2119Karen HeidergottElected
2120Anne EngstromElected
2125Noel FrameElected
2130Sheri FeldElected
2146Alice PalosaariElected
2147Sarah ReyneveldElected
2148Jeannie Donaldson-McGinnisElected
2149Brian DuncanElected
2161Steven T. NesichAppointed
2163Brigitte DudekActing
2165Sara LongleyActing
2168Jack WhisnerElected
2170Kiana ScottElected
2172Joel CreswellElected
2502Sue MoserActing
2503Henry UnderhillElected
2505Maureen Brinck-LundElected
2506Peter MaierElected
2508Frances MerendaActing
2510Paul OldenKampElected
2511Layla JudkinsActing
2512Richard FrithElected
2514Catherine WeatbrookAppointed
2515Scott SeramurActing
2520Beth DayElected
2532Joanna BradenElected
2533Russell SewellElected
2535Jane MacLeanActing
2536Bruce MacLeanElected
2590Tammi LasterElected
2743Al HughesElected
2795Bevin Fritz-WatersElected
3153Becka Johnson PoppeElected
3685Kathyrn OzogElected
3689Asher HillElected
3710Fred MariscalElected
3745Ashley StallworthElected
3936Jazmine SmithElected

Don’t see your precinct? Reach out about becoming a PCO!