Join the Executive Board!


Are you passionate about grassroots democracy? Do you want to help increase participation in the Democratic Party while building momentum for local progressive issues? Come volunteer on our executive board!

Not only do E-board members set policies and procedures and organize GOTV efforts in the LD, you have the opportunity to sit on the endorsement committee and interview candidates in our district.

The executive board meets on the first Wednesday of each month from 7:30-9 p.m. Board members are also encouraged to attend all monthly membership meetings. Currently the meetings are held via Zoom, but may return in-person depending on the board’s decision. The terms for the positions listed below expire at the next reorganization meeting, anticipated in January 2023.

Please connect with our interim Chair, Alice Palosaari, to state your interest

  • Chair: A board chair is approachable and available, objective and listens actively, is a strategist, knowledgeable about the organization and board practices, a coach, a conciliator, respected in the community. The chair most commonly performs the following functions: Serves as the contact point for every board member on board issues. Sets goals and objectives for the board and ensures they are met. Ensures that all board members are involved in committee activities; coordinates with committee chairs. Motivates board members to attend meetings. Facilitates meetings by creating a purposeful agenda, engages members in deliberation, controls dominating or out-of-line behavior during meetings, serves as a tie-breaking vote, coordinates with other Democratic organizations, organizes the endorsement process, plans for succession through training and ongoing recruitment, and other items as they arise.
  • Events Coordinator: Event coordinators plan and organize special events and regular legislative district activities to build strong community bonds. Helpful skills to have are: detailed planning and organization skills, willingness to coordinate with the board and volunteers, ability to create an event budget, ability to attend to publicity, communication and marketing for events, as well as leadership and negotiation skills. 
  • Communications Director: Build community through communications! This position works closely with the board to communicate important messages with the membership over email, social media and our website. Some communications experience is helpful but not necessary.
  • KCDCC Rep 2: The King County Democrats Central Committee (KCDCC) Representatives attend County party meetings on behalf of the organization, take important votes, and help set strategy for the party at a county level. This is a great opportunity to connect with Democrats across King County. Per our bylaws, two representatives of different genders shall represent the organization. Our KCDCC Rep 1 identifies as female, so our KCDCC Rep 2 need to identify as any gender other than female.
  • Neighborhood Committee Officer 2 (Belltown/Uptown)
  • Neighborhood Committee Officer 3 (Magnolia)
  • Neighborhood Committee Officer 6 (Queen Anne)
  • The NCOs serve as a main point of contact for PCOs within their service area. They help train, answer questions, coordinate with, and get information to PCOs. They also help support all get-out-the-vote (GOTV) efforts and make sure every PCO seat is filled by someone in the neighborhood. The gregarious NCOs are the backbone of the organization and are most active before the primary and the general elections.

Updated April 6, 2022