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2019 Primary Election Endorsement Meeting

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At this month’s meeting we will vote on our endorsements for the 2019 Primary. The Executive Board has interviewed all candidates seeking our endorsement and voted to recommend the following:

Yes! Seattle Libraries – Approve

Superior Court Pos. 5 – Maureen McKee
Superior Court Pos. 16 – Averil Rothrock
Superior Court Pos. 37 – Michael Ryan
Superior Court Pos. 49 – Amie Sutton
King County Assessor – John A. Wilson
Seattle School Board Pos. 1 – Eric Blumhagen
Seattle School Board Pos. 2 – Lisa Rivera Smith
King County Council District 4 – Jeanne Kohl-Welles
Port of Seattle Pos. 2 – Dominic Barrera
Port of Seattle Pos. 5 – Fred Felleman
Seattle City Council District 5 – Debora Juarez
Seattle City Council District 6 – Ed Pottharst
Seattle City Council District 7 – Andrew Lewis

The Executive Board’s recommendation is automatically presented as the first endorsement motion in each race. This motion requires approval from 55% of those present and voting to be upheld. If the Board recommendation fails, other endorsement motions may be considered.

Per Article III of our Bylaws, all PCOs and dues-paying members residing in the 36th District are eligible to vote for endorsements.

To watch the Executive Board’s candidate interviews, please visit our YouTube channel at:

For more details on our endorsement rules: