Run for Delegate!

135 people will represent Washington State at the 2024 Democratic National Convention. You could be one of them.

Run for Delegate 2024 — WA Democrats Info

Are you thinking of running to be a delegate? Want to know what the process and dates and other important info are?

WA State Democrats has a great informational site available: Run for Delegate, where you can pre-register to run for state or national delegate and sign up for delegate candidate training.

Important Dates

March 1No later than March 1 – Submit Platform, Rules, Credentials member contact details from your LD to *1 ea -Platform, Rules, Credentials
March 12Presidential preference primary – VOTE!
March 31Deadline to File to run as a STATE delegate by 5 pm
April 1-6LPO Candidate Forums for State delegates Candidates hosted by LDs between APRIL 1-6 – highly encouraged
April 6STATE delegate elections – VIRTUAL by State Party
May 4STATE Delegation – Resolutions and Platform Amendments may be submitted no later than Friday, May 4, 2024, by Delegation Chair
May 12Filing deadline for CD-level NATIONAL delegate candidates
May 12-18CD Candidate Forums for NATIONAL delegates between May 12 – 18
May 18CD-level NATIONAL delegate elections – VIRTUAL by State Party
June 2Filing deadline for PLEO** and At-Large delegate candidates
June 7STATE Delegation – Proposed rules to State Convention must be submitted by Delegation Chair no later than Friday, June 7
June 9PLEO and At-Large NATIONAL delegate elections – Virtual Ballots
June 21-23Washington State Democratic Convention
Aug. 19-23Democratic National Convention in Chicago
*LPO Voting membership defaults to PCO if no list is received
**PLEO – Party Leader and Elected Official
Pre-Register for Delegate Sign up for Training

Standing Committees

The first of these timeline items coming up, is as outlined in the DSAAP each Legislative District Organization shall elect one member to each standing committee which includes Credentials, Platform, and Rules. Once elected those elected will need to be reported to the State Party through the LD Chair by emailing by Friday March 1,2024.

  • The Credentials Committee: will be in charge of certifying delegates for the state and national convention. They will also be responsible for recommending settlement of all challenges by the rules committee and supporting the Affirmative Action Committee on discussing attainment of goals that the state party has set for each legislative district. 
  • The Platform Committee: As the name implies, they will be in charge of proposing a written platform  and consider amendments and resolutions submitted by LDs
  • The Rules Committee: This committee will be in charge of drafting the proposed rules and agenda for convention. 

The full description of these committee’s and their roles are available on page 16 of the DSAAP located on the party documents page of the State Party website