Thundering 36th May 15, 2024, 7-9pm online Endorsement Meeting online meeting via Zoom register in advance at

May 2024 Endorsement Meeting

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Please join us for our regular monthly membership meeting.

May 15, 7-9pm on Zoom

Register in advance here.

  • Arrive as early as 6:30pm for credentialing.
  • Meeting will be called to order at 7:00pm.

Meeting Materials

Our E-Board was not able to interview across all the races on our ballot so we have attempted to identify ALL the races where we could endorse, and identify/differentiate where there is an E-Board recommendation.  Where there is an E-Board recommendation, that will be the first motion considered by the membership.  In all other instances, we will rely on our members moving the first motion.  And as a reminder, the order of consideration of motions from the floor (when there are multiple) will be determined by a straw poll function on Zoom. This is all explained in our rules on our website.

All of our interviews are now available on YouTube and are a terrific resource to get to know the fantastic candidates better.  I highly recommend looking at them and sharing with neighbors as there is a vibrant wealth of ideas that really deserve a thoughtful listen.

After careful consideration, deliberation, background vetting, and vigorous debate – the 36th E-Board makes the following recommendations in the races where we interviewed.  Again, these are only the races where we were able to interview and outreach to candidates and is not reflective of the totality of races we will consider on Wednesday night.


As a reminder, per the endorsement rules passed at the 17 April 2024 general body meeting, candidates who the Board did not interview are not eligible for a Board recommendation, and a motion to endorse in races without a Board recommendation must come from the body.


(The commentary below is from the Chair alone as members requested last year to better understand our E-Board thinking in advance of the meeting.)

Attorney General

The E-Board interviewed both candidates eligible for an endorsement, Nick Brown and Manka Dhingra. The E-Board recommends a dual endorsement for Nick Brown and Manka Dhingra based on the different strengths, breadth of expertise, and priorities of both candidates.

Commissioner of Public Lands

The E-Board interviewed Dave Upthegrove, Patrick DePoe, Allen Lebovitz, and Jeralee Anderson in that order. The Board attempted several times to schedule an interview with Kevin Van de Wege, who is also eligible for endorsement, but did not receive a response from his campaign to our requests for an interview. The Board was unable to reach a recommendation which would pass the Board’s 67% threshold to advance a recommendation. For this reason, any motions for endorsements for this position will need to come from the membership.

Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction

The E-Board appreciated the strength of the interviews and conversations with both candidates eligible for a 36th District Democrats endorsement, Chris Reykdal and Reid Saaris. Parents of public school students are concerned about the challenges our public education system is facing so there was substantive discussion around this recommendation. Ultimately, the breadth and depth of the support behind the incumbent swayed the Board to recommend a sole endorsement for Chris Reykdal.

Seattle City Council District 8 (citywide)

The E-Board interviewed Tariq Yusuf, Saunatina Sanchez, Alexis Mercedes Rinck, and Tanya Woo in that order. The Board noted strengths of all four of the candidates whom we interviewed. The E-Board recommends Alexis Mercedes Rinck for a sole endorsement on the basis of her knowledge of the different policy challenges facing the city of Seattle.

Supreme Court Justices and any other Judicial Candidates where we interviewed

The E-Board is making a sole recommendation for Supreme Court Justice candidate Salvador Mungia based on the support his campaign has garnered from across the State, from the current Supreme Court Justices, and a wide range of elected officials including Governor Inslee.

The E-Board is making a sole recommendation for Paul Crisalli for King County Superior Court. Judge Chrisalli was appointed to this position by Governor Jay Inslee last year, and the Board recommends an endorsement to retain him in this position, given his breadth and depth of experience working for the Attorney General’s office and the thought and care which he brought to the interview.

We hope to see you there!