More connection More inclusive; Discussion on Membership Meetings; 7pm February 28, 2024 Zoom (register on Help us figure out the future of membership meetings -- what do we want & how do we do it?

Membership Meeting Format Feedback Session 2024

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How do we bring more connection and ensure we’ve got an inclusive approach to organizing? 

Virtual/hybrid/in-person membership meetings


Feb 28, 2024 07:00 PM

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This is intended as a feedback session to solicit and capture what 36th members want for membership meetings going forward as well as ideas and potential volunteers to make the future of our meetings happen.

The 36th Dems have been holding our membership meetings exclusively virtually via Zoom since the beginning of the pandemic. The board & membership did an amazing job adapting to the changes the global pandemic necessitated for gatherings and managing our business.

We have definitely heard feedback that in-person meetings are badly missed by some folks as well as virtual meetings are essential for some folks also! We are excited to tackle the next evolution of our membership meetings together and try to incorporate the best of all.

Your feedback, ideas, energy, and enthusiasm to figure this out (and particularly your willingness to help make that happen) are appreciated.


Can’t make the meeting? Please fill out the survey: