Reorganization meeting and board candidate interest


Reorganization meeting – January 18th

Please join us for our virtual reorganization meeting on January 18, 2023!  This meeting will take place via Zoom. We hope you will all attend and shape the future of the 36th District Democrats for the 2023-25 biennium!

At our reorganization meeting we will elect new officers and consider bylaw amendments. 

Date: January 18, 2023 from 7 – 9pm

Register in advance here. Arrive as early as 6:30pm for credentialing. Meeting will be called to order at 7:00pm.

The meeting materials are below:


Are you interested in running for a position on our executive board?

We hope you are! All positions are open now, and we welcome and need new voices and participants in our work for the coming two years. Many positions do not yet have declared candidates.

The 36th District Democrats is governed by an Executive Board elected for biennial cycles in January of every odd-numbered year. If you’re interested in running, please fill out the Prospective Candidate Interest Form. The form allows you to share which position you are interested in and has space to submit a candidate statement to be included on our website. All positions will be open for election at the reorganization meeting and many positions do not yet have declared candidates. Candidate statements help members learn more about you before we vote. Please fill out this form if you are interested!

Candidate statements will be posted here as we receive new candidate interest forms (candidates can select on the form whether or not to have them posted here):

  • Name: Shep Salusky
    Candidate for: KCDCC Rep. Position 2
    Statement: I am currently KCDCC Rep 2. Most of my life I have been involved in progressive causes. Since the introduction of Trump, I’ve been alarmed by the course of our nation’s politics and I feel an obligation to do what I can to help. 
  • Name: Ethan Anderson
    Candidate for: WSDCC Rep. 2
    Statement: My name is Ethan Anderson and I’m running for re-election as our 36th WSDCC Rep. 2 (male-identifying). I have enjoyed serving in this role since 2021 and I hope to continue to represent the 36th now that WSDCC meetings are finally in person. I am a long-time Ballard resident and am currently a PCO for the 1325 precinct, a teacher of English and ESL at Bellevue College, an Executive Board member of Bellevue College faculty union where I work closely with former Governor Gary Locke who is our current president. I am passionately pro-union and pro-educational justice and part of Washington Educational Association (WEA) Political Action Committee and was part of the team that helped pass SB 5194: Providing Equity and Access in State Community and Technical Colleges which was was recently signed into law by Gov. Jay Inslee. I hope to stay involved locally and state-wide through work with the 36th Executive Board in this position as WSDCC Representative.
  • Name: Jeremy Swirsley
    Candidate for: Political Director
    Statement: I have been serving as Political Director since June 2022, and I ask for your vote for a full term in the position. Last fall, the 36th reclaimed our position as the highest turnout district in King County, and we were successful in electing almost all of our slate of endorsed candidates. In my new term, if elected, my goals are to improve our outreach to voters who live in locked apartments and are therefore hard to reach in door-to-door canvasses, and to empower our PCOs with the tools to do outreach outside of our GOTV campaigns. I would be honored to have your vote on January 18.
  • Name: Dean Fournier
    Candidate for: Resolutions or NCO
    Statement: After 34 years as a U.S. gov’t lawyer (with the Federal Trade Commision), in which my Democratic political zeal was suppressed by the the Hatch Act, retirement in 1994 enabled me to “come out of the closet” and become an active Democrat in the District of my residence: first the 32nd, then the 46th, and then the 32nd again (all thanks to redistricting). I served each of those districts as its Secretary, then its Rep to KCDCC — where, as both policy wonk and recognized “wordsmith” — I chaired work on both platform and resolutions. Three months ago I actually MOVED — into Ballard, and the 36th, where I hope to find a similar suitable role. (During my last five or so years of federal service, I was tasked with editing of ALL other lawyers’ legal documents and memoranda.)
  • Name: Patrick McGah
    Candidate for: Resolutions and Advocacy Coordinator
    Statement: have been serving as Resolutions Chair for the past year. Since the 2016 election, I have wanted to become more directly involved in politics (instead of just complaining on social media). This has been a great opportunity to serve our 36th district by getting involved in policy and governmental issues.
  • Name: Consuelo Echeverria
    Candidate for: Policy Director
    Statement: I would like to continue doing the policy panels as I believe this is a great way for a membership to engage and discuss issues like planning, transportation and affordable housing, that impact everybody in the 36th.
  • Name: Barbara Oakrock
    Candidate for: Membership Coordinator
    Statement: I am running for re-election to the Membership position, to serve a 2nd term. I believe the members of the 36th District represent the beating heart of Democratic activism in the 36th, which is the deepest Blue voting reservoir in WA. I am honored to serve our Members and the 36th community as a basic building block of our Democratic Party.
  • Name: Toby Thaler
    Candidate for: Vice Chair or NCO (West Fremont/Frelard)
    Statement: I am a strong supporter of democratic values. I am willing and able to serve in either of the positions listed. I have been on the Ex Bd of both the 36th and 43rd District Democrats (I got redistricted back into the 36th this year). I am known for being easy to work with, attend (almost) all meetings, and do not hesitate to help with any task that needs to be done.
  • Name: Tyler Crone
    Candidate for: Chair
    Statement: I look forward to deepening my engagement with the 36th, and building upon the traditions of political organizing that have created one of the strongest, most vibrant Democratic districts in Washington. I am eager to actively support and collaborate with the fantastic delegation in Olympia alongside our local elected officials representing the 36th (including those who are running to represent us) as well as to be a partner with broader stakeholders and constituents in solving the big challenges our city, county, and state face. I see this role as an opportunity to continue to grow our membership, to uphold our shared commitment to inclusion – dignity – and equity, and to work collectively to have a welcoming, respectful, dynamic, visionary, and fun 36th District Democrats.
  • Name: Carol Butterfield
    Candidate for: NCO 3
    Statement: I am running for the position of Neighborhood Committee Officer, area 3. I’ve been a PCO in this area for several elections and I’m happy to step up to the next level of responsibility, working with the area’s other PCO’s and the 36th District Democrat’s leadership.
  • Name: Sheri Feld
    Candidate for: Treasurer
    Statement: I am the current treasurer running for re-election. I have enjoyed being a part of the 36th E-board team and would like to continue working to support the Thundering Thirty Sixth Democrats – home to the best voters in the state!
  • Name: Susan Stoltzfus
    Candidate for: NCO 1
    Statement: I was happy to step into the NCO 1 post last year and enjoyed the experience. It was great to meet the PCOs and learn more about GOTV and the Thundering 36th. It was even better that Democrats won! I want to help make that happen again.
  • Name: Ginny Stevens
    Candidate for: NCO 2
    Statement: My name is Ginny Stevens and I have lived in the Seattle area since I returned from Peace Corps service in 2014. I am a long-time Democrat. I have lived in Lower Queen for 7 years. I recently retired and now I wish to become active in the 36th District Democrats. I have appreciated the contact that I have received over the years from my precinct’s PCO, and would like to help the 36th Legislative District.
  • Name: Amanda Powter
    Candidate for: Data and Technology Manager
    Statement: I am running for Data & Technology Manager to help with hands-on data organization, wrangling, visualization, and management efforts as well as contribute to any strategic efforts where data & technology experience will be of value. I’m a lifelong data nerd & know enough technology stuff to be dangerous (or figure it out). I spent 20 years in startups & technology, hold a Master’s in Library & Information Science (from UW), and now own a small business. I am passionate about data issues including data privacy, the social justice implications of data collection & organization, and understanding bias in algorithms. I totally nerd out on Excel, Google sheets, all kinds of databases, and graphs/charts just for fun. I’m excited to roll up my sleeves and help with whatever data & tech projects will best support the board & membership of the 36th.
  • Name: Kate Martin
    Candidate for: NCO 1
    Statement: As a 35-year resident of Greenwood-Phinney and an elected PCO in 36-1306, I wish to run for Neighborhood Committee Officer. I have been involved in neighborhood and citywide groups and issues for over 20 years and would welcome the opportunity bring that experience to the role of NCO-1 for Greenwood-Phinney. Thank you for your consideration.
  • Name: Stephanie Celt
    Candidate for: KCDCC Rep 1
    Statement: I have been an active member of the 36th district Democrats for several years, both as a PCO and also as Communications Director for the 36th. I would appreciate the opportunity to help ensure our work remains well-coordinated with the activities and opportunities across King County to help increase our effectiveness. I would value the chance to serve as KCDCC Rep 1 and ensure we work collaboratively with others across the region so our efforts to promote progressive democratic values and candidates can have the greatest possible impact.