The 36th District Democrats adopt this platform to express the values, attitudes and beliefs that unite
us in striving for a prosperous and humane society. We believe social justice and equity are key
principles. Our platform provides a firm foundation upon which to make endorsement decisions
regarding ballot initiatives and candidates.

I. Fiscal Policies
1. We support progressive, ample, sustainable, and equitable revenue—such as capital gains tax,
progressive income tax, employer head tax and closing corporate tax loopholes—for government to
provide programs and services in support of our values.

II. Corporate Reform
1. We call for the 28th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution to end the treatment of corporations as if
they were human beings and support the use of antitrust laws to break up corporate monopolies.
2. We support revocation of the charters of corporations that violate the law, with a public right to call
for such action, and prohibition of public contracts with habitual corporate law-breakers.

III. Education
“It is the paramount duty of the state to make ample provisions for the education of all
children.” Washington State Constitution (1889)
1. We call for ample and equitable state funding of K-12 education, and for funding of early learning.
2. We support free public college and universities for all.
3. We oppose privatization of and for-profit endeavors in public education such as vouchers, charter
schools, and high stakes testing.

IV. Environment, Energy, and the Climate Crisis
1. We support conserving natural resources, promoting transparency in decisions affecting the quality
of the environment, ensuring the sustainability of the environment through legislation, and
providing free access to our public lands.
2. We accept that climate change is real, and human activities are the primary cause.
3. We support transition away from reliance on carbon sources of energy, such as coal incineration,
and toward sustainable energy, such as a tax on carbon; investment in research, development, and
job creation; and green technology.

V. Health and Human Services
1. We believe housing, food, and healthcare are human rights.
2. We support a universal, publicly funded, single-payer, not-for-profit, comprehensive health
insurance system, including access to dental, reproductive services, mental health, and substance
abuse treatment services.
3. We support policies for equity in health, education, and economic stability.
4. We support safe, legal, accessible, state-funded reproductive services and abortions without
5. We believe treating addiction as a health issue focusing on the individual, family, and community,
and holding medical providers and pharmaceutical companies responsible.
6. We support progressive taxation to pay for retirement and disability insurance (scrap the cap),
including expansion of Social Security/Medicare, and oppose privatization of any public programs.

VI. Election Reform and Voting Rights
1. We support universal suffrage, and public access to and transparency of the electoral process.
2. We support public financing of the entire electoral process, including campaigns and postage, and
oppose unlimited and non-transparent expenditures in campaigns.
3. We support a system of elections that is accessible, open, and fair—a system that ensures that
every eligible person can cast a vote and that every lawfully cast vote is counted.
4. We believe in one person, one vote.

VII. Foreign Policy
1. We support transition away from a global empire mentality, such as excessive military
expenditures and foreign interventions. The U.S. should be a global leader in the non-violent
resolution of disputes, such as through the United Nations and the International Court of Justice.
2. We hold our military personnel and veterans in the highest regard. They deserve an effective
Veterans Administration that provides them, and their families, the support and care needed,
including treatment for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and other behavioral health issues.

VIII. Human and Civil Rights
1. We support affirmative action and eliminating unjust discrimination.
2. We support the Constitutional right to privacy and freedom from government and corporate
intrusion into people’s personal lives.
3. We oppose capital punishment and other forms of cruel and unusual punishment.
4. We oppose denial of civil rights based on immigration status, disability, sexual orientation, gender
identity, race, or gender.
5. We support sanctuary cities and admonish criminalizing immigration status.

IX. Labor and Economic Justice
1. We support broad rights of all workers to organize, collectively bargain, and take collective action.
2. We support a minimum wage at living wage levels and sustainable defined benefit pensions.
3. We support strong regulation of financial and banking systems, the derivatives market and
predatory lending, and the establishment of a Washington State owned bank.

X. Constitutional Law
1. We believe in the Constitution as a living document, strict separation of church and state, and strict
control over the ownership and use of firearms and other weapons.

XI. Local Issues and Transportation
1. We support improving access and transparency in local governance.
2. We support land use policies to provide more jobs and housing, including preservation of industrial
uses in Ballard/Interbay.
3. We support public transportation and internet broadband to provide robust service and
infrastructure, including full funding for Sound Transit 3 and free broadband for all
4. We support full mobility pedestrian and cycling access, including sidewalks and separated
protected bike lanes.
5. We oppose the transport of highly volatile materials by rail.

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