36th Executive Board Makes Endorsement Recommendations


The 36th District Democrats’ Executive Board has made endorsement recommendations to the membership for the 2015 Primary Election. The membership will vote on them at its next meeting on May 20th at 7PM at the Phinney Neighborhood Center – Lower Building (6615 Dayton Ave N).

King County Assessor:  Lloyd Hara
King County Elections Director:  Zack Hudgins
King County Council – Dist. 4:  Jeanne Kohl-Welles
Port Commission – Pos. 2:  Courtney Gregoire
Port Commission – Pos. 5:  Ken Rogers
KC Superior Court – Pos. 7:  Janet Helson
KC Superior Court – Pos. 15:  Samuel Chung
KC Superior Court – Pos. 21:  Veronica Galvan
City Council – Dist. 5:  No Endorsement**
City Council – Dist. 6:  Mike O’Brien
City Council – Dist. 7:  Sally Bagshaw
City Council – Pos. 8:  Tim Burgess
City Council – Pos. 9:  Lorena González
Seattle School Board – Dist. 1:  [No action taken]
Seattle School Board – Dist. 2:  Rick Burke

** The Executive Board made an affirmative recommendation that the 36th take the position of “no endorsement” for the Primary in the Seattle City Council – District 5 race. If adopted, the 36th may re-consider an endorsement in this race for the general election.

The recommendations listed above will each require a simple majority of the membership to pass. If any fails, a member is free to offer another endorsement motion from the floor and will require a 2/3 vote to be successful.

Only 36th members are eligible to vote on endorsements.  Membership is granted to all PCOs and those who pay membership dues.  Those who were members in 2014 can renew their membership and vote the same day.  New members have a 25-day waiting period before obtaining voting rights.

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