E-Board Makes Endorsement Recommendations for 2014 General Election


The 36th District Democrats’ Executive Board has made new endorsement recommendations to the membership for the general election. The membership will vote on them at its next meeting on September 17th at 7PM at the Phinney Neighborhood Center. The recommendations listed below will each require a simple majority of the membership to pass. If any fails, a member is free to offer another endorsement motion from the floor, but it will require a 2/3 vote to be successful.

Only 36th members are eligible to vote on endorsements.  Membership is granted to all PCOs and those who pay membership dues.  Those who were members in 2013 can renew their membership and vote the same day.  New members have a 25-day waiting period before obtaining voting rights.


I-591 (prohibits some firearm background checks):  NO
I-1351 (class size):  No endorsement*
Advisory Vote No. 8:  MAINTAINED
Advisory Vote No. 9:  MAINTAINED
Seattle Proposition 1 (either early learning measure):  YES
Seattle Proposition 1A/1B (choice of competing measures):  Prop 1B (city council universal pre-K)
Seattle Citizen Petition No. 1 (Transit Authority for Monorail):  NO
Seattle Transportation Benefit District Prop. 1 (Metro Funding):  YES
Municipal Court – Pos. 7:  No endorsement*
*Note:  The “no endorsement” recommendations are affirmative motions for the 36th to take no position in these races.



The following ballot measures and candidates have already been endorsed:

I-594 (requires firearm background checks):  YES
US Congress – Dist. 7:  Jim McDermott
36th Dist. – Senate:  Jeanne Kohl-Welles
36th Dist. – House Pos. 1:  Reuven Carlyle
36th Dist. – House Pos. 2:  Gael Tarleton
WA Supreme Court – Pos. 1:  Mary Yu
WA Supreme Court – Pos. 3:  Mary Fairhurst
WA Supreme Court – Pos. 4:  Charles Johnson
WA Supreme Court – Pos. 7:  Debra Stephens
KC Superior Court – Pos. 16:  John Chun
KC Superior Court – Pos. 27:  Tanya Thorp
KC Superior Court – Pos. 47:  Roger Rogoff
KC District Court – West Pos. 1:  Johanna Bender
KC District Court – West Pos. 2:  Mark Chow
KC District Court – West Pos. 5:  Anne Harper
Seattle Municipal Court – Pos. 2:  Kimi Kondo
Seattle Municipal Court – Pos. 3:  Steve Rosen
Seattle Municipal Court – Pos. 5:  Willie Gregory
Seattle Municipal Court – Pos. 6:  Karen Donohue