Endorsements and Voter Guide for the 2014 Primary!


Each election the 36th puts together a concise, packaged voter guide that’s distributed to thousands of doors across the district. It contains useful fantastic information about our endorsements, a sample ballot, a letter from our chair, and advertisements from endorsed campaigns.

Download your own copy here and check out the full content of our voter guide below – and remember to mail in your ballot by August 5th!

  • United State Representative – District 7: Jim McDermott
  • State Senator: Jeanne Kohl-Welles
  • State Representative – Position 1: Reuven Carlyle
  • State Representative – Position 2: Gael Tarleton
  • City of Seattle Proposition 1 – Seattle Park District: Approve
Dear Neighbor,

When deciding how you will vote in the August 5th Primary Election, I hope you will consider the endorsements of the 36th District Democrats. We carefully screen the candidates for experience, effectiveness, and adherence to the Democratic Party platform. We dive into the policy minutia of ballot measures to determine whether they re?ect progressive values.

Our endorsement process is extensive and involves hundreds of hours by dozens of volunteers to help vet the candidates and ballot measures. For more information about our endorsements and to join our organization please visit: www.36th.org


Jeff Manson

Chair, 36th District Democrats


Jim McDermott for US Congress

Rep. McDermott has been a reliable progressive for years. In 2000, he lead the effort to pass the African Growth and Opportunity Act to help the struggling economies of sub-Saharan Africa. He was a courageous early voice against the Iraq War in 2002. In recent years, he successfully increased unemployment benefits to help struggling families and worked behind the scenes to improve the Affordable Care Act. Rep. McDermott continues to advocate for tax reform to address increasing economic inequality. Vote to reelect Jim McDermott to Congress.


Jeanne Kohl-Welles for State Senator

Sen. Kohl-Welles has served in the State Senate since 1994 and continues to be a leader on social justice and economic equity issues. She has been recognized for passing the strongest legislation in the country to prevent human trafficking and protect its victims. Before marijuana was legalized for recreational use, she was a leader on legalizing medical marijuana and continues to work to effectively regulate this industry. A recent Washington Post analysis of state legislatures and legislation concluded that Senator Kohl-Welles is the most effective Democrat in the Washington State Senate. She should be reelected to a sixth term.


Reuven Carlyle for State Representative – Pos. 1

Rep. Reuven Carlyle has developed a reputation as an innovative and principled legislator since being elected to the legislature in 2008. He has called for an automatic sunset on all tax loopholes so wasteful ones can be closed. In 2011, he joined other legislators and citizens to sue to overturn Tim Eyman’s 2/3-supermajority rule. When Boeing recently demanded an historic tax exemption, Rep. Carlyle courageously fought to make it conditional on Boeing jobs remaining in our state, to be retroactively rescinded if Boeing did not comply. This latter effort was unsuccessful, but Washington State citizens are well-served with a common-sense watchdog as Chair of the House Finance Committee. Vote to reelect Reuven Carlyle as State Representative.


Gael Tarleton for State Representative – Pos. 2

After serving on the Seattle Port Commission for five years, Rep. Gael Tarleton has completed a successful first term in the State House of Representatives. In her first session as a legislator, she successfully passed a rare amendment to the Landlord Tenant Act, providing additional protections for renters, a growing population in the 36th legislative district. She has also focused on protecting workers, sponsoring bills to increase the state minimum wage and require employers to provide paid vacation leave. She has brought her experience from the Port to the legislature, serving as a leader on maritime and working waterfront issues. Rep. Tarleton deserves reelection to a second term.


APPROVE Seattle Prop. 1 (Park District)

Seattle parks have historically been funded by a series of levies, renewable by the voters every few years. However, Tim Eyman-backed initiatives have severely restricted the taxing flexibility of municipalities. The result has been underfunded city parks, both in terms of capital improvements and operating budget. Proposition 1 circumvents the Eyman restrictions by creating a Park District, a permanent alternative to a series of levies, which will ensure adequate funding for our parks and open spaces. Opponents argue that establishing a Park District transfers funding approval and oversight power from the voters to the Seattle City Council. We see this as a small price to pay to achieve a permanent and robust funding source for our parks. Vote to APPROVE Seattle Proposition 1.