Thundering 36th Endorsements 2023 Primary

Endorsements for the 2023 Primary!


UPDATED: now includes the Veterans & Seniors King County Prop 1, which was endorsed in our June 2023 Membership meeting.

UPDATED: Direct link to the playlist of our 2023 primary endorsement interviews on our YouTube Channel @36thDems.

Thank you to everyone that came to our marathon Endorsement Meeting on May 24th (we went until 10:38pm!). Did you tune into the amazing (and funny) live Tweet from @36th, which featured some of the best #NoContext36thDems from the meeting and meeting chat? Who knew it was the hottest place to be on a Wednesday night?!

It was great to have moments of connection and even levity, but we also had the serious business of our endorsements and a large set of positions and candidates. Chair Tyler Crone presided for the majority of the meeting, with the Vice-Chair stepping up to help out for the King County District 4 position.

Thank you to all the members that showed up, as well as all the candidates running for offices. We truly appreciate the participation and dedication everyone showed. It’s a pleasure being part of the 36th LD!

Without further ado, here are the endorsements from the 36th District Democrats:

City Council

City Council District 5: No Endorsement
City Council District 6: Dan Strauss
City Council District 7: Andrew Lewis 

King County Council

King County Council District 4: Sarah Reyneveld

Seattle Public Schools

Seattle School Board District 1 Position 1: No Endorsement
Seattle School Board District 1 Position 2: Lisa Rivera Smith*

Port of Seattle

Port of Seattle Position 2: Sam Cho*
Port of Seattle Position 5: Fred Felleman

King County

King County Assessor: John Wilson*
Renew Prop 1: Yes


King County Superior Court Position 30: Coreen Wilson*
King County Superior Court Position 38: Taki Flevaris*
King County Superior Court Position 39: Joe Campagna*
WA State Court of Appeals District 1, Division 4: Leonard Feldman*

* NOTE: Some candidates and races may not appear on the primary ballot if unopposed or only opposed by a single other candidate. They are still endorsed by the 36th District Democrats and will appear on the general election ballot.