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36th District Democrats 2018 Primary Endorsement Meeting

Event Details

On May 23 we will meet at the Seattle Labor Temple, 2800 1st Ave in Belltown, from 7 to 9 PM, for our Endorsement Meeting! Mark your calendars for this important day, and please plan to come and help us endorse the best Democrats running this year.

Please find videos of our endorsement interviews on YouTube, review our endorsement rules here, and look at the Executive Board’s endorsement recommendations below.

US Senate No recommendation*
US Congress Pramila Jayapal
WA Senate Reuven Carlyle
WA House – Pos. 1 Noel Frame
WA House – Pos. 2 Gael Tarleton
KC Prosecutor No recommendation**
Supreme Court – Pos. 2 Susan Owens
Supreme Court – Pos. 8 Steve Gonzalez
Supreme Court – Pos. 9 Sheryl Gordon McCloud
Court of Appeals – Pos. 4 No recommendation*
Court of Appeals – Pos. 7 No recommendation*
KC Superior Court – Pos. 9 No recommendation*
KC Superior Court – Pos. 22 Karen M. Donohue
KC Superior Court – Pos. 38 J. Michael Diaz
KC Superior Court – Pos. 53 No recommendation*
KC Dist. Ct. – West – Pos. 1 Lisa Paglisotti
KC Dist. Ct. – West – Pos. 2 No recommendation*
KC Dist. Ct. – West – Pos. 3 No recommendation*
KC Dist. Ct. – West – Pos. 4 Gregg Hirakawa
KC Dist. Ct. – West – Pos. 5 Anne C. Harper
Seattle Muni. Court – Pos. 1 Ed McKenna
Seattle Muni. Court – Pos. 2 Andrea Chin
Seattle Muni. Court – Pos. 3 Adam Eisenberg
Seattle Muni. Court – Pos. 4 Anita Crawford-Willis
Seattle Muni. Court – Pos. 5 Willie Gregory
Seattle Muni. Court – Pos. 6 Faye Chess
Seattle Muni. Court – Pos. 7 No recommendation*
* The Executive Board did not make a recommendation in these races because no candidates participated in an interview.
** The Executive Board is affirmatively recommending that the 36th take a “No Endorsement” position at the May meeting for King County Prosecutor. If the No Endorsement motion passes, the 36th will consider endorsements in the General Election from scratch. This will give us more time to learn about the two candidates, one of whom announced his candidacy during filing week.