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36th District Democrats General Election Endorsement Meeting

Event Details

Come Vote at the 36th District Democrats Endorsement Meeting on Tuesday!

The 36th District Democrats general election endorsement meeting will be on Tuesday, September 19, at 7 PM, at the Phinney Neighborhood Center Lower Building (6615 Dayton Ave N).

We will be considering the following races and candidates:


  • King County Proposition 1 (the Executive Board recommends a vote to “Approve”)
  • Mayor: Jenny Durkan and Cary Moon (the Executive Board recommends Cary Moon)
  • Port of Seattle, Position 4: Preeti Shridhar and Peter Steinbrueck (the Executive Board recommends Preeti Shridhar)
  • Seattle School Board, district 5: Zachary DeWolf and Omar Vasquez (the Executive Board recommends Zachary DeWolf)
  • Seattle School Board, District 7: Chelsea Byers and Betty Patu (the Executive Board recommends Betty Patu)
  • Advisory Vote No. 16 (the Executive Board recommends a vote to “Maintain”)
  • Advisory Vote No. 18 (the Executive Board recommends a vote to “Maintain”)
  • Advisory Vote No. 17 (the Executive Board recommends a vote to “Maintain”)