36th Reorganization & Bylaws Meeting

Event Details

The 36th District Democrats will reorganize for a new biennial cycle on

Wednesday, January 20th, 2021 | 7pm – 9pm

We will elect officers, re-appoint PCOs, and otherwise prepare to win in 2021!

Planning to or interested in running? Fill out this prospective e-board candidate form or email vicechair@36th.org.

Register in advance for this meeting:

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.

Please join as early as 6:00 pm for credentialing. 

Tentative Agenda:

  • 6:00 pm – Credentialing starts
  • 7:00 pm – Call to Order by Temporary Meeting Chair
  • 9:00 pm – Adjourn

**Updates, drafts, and candidate list to be added as they become available**

Title Candidate(s) Candidate Statement
Chair Nicole Gomez Thank you for the privilege of being able to serve you as one of the few BIPOC chairs in Washington State for the past two years, and as events coordinator prior to that. In this next term as chair, I’m excited to run along-side the awesome Alice MacLean, who is running to retain her seat as vice chair.

The 36th members and our board did great work these past two years despite some pretty big obstacles, including a global pandemic, economic downturn, and major social upheaval. The organization, after a socially distanced parking lot meeting, is now set up to run remotely in full – from caucus to board elections and every type of meeting imaginable in between. Even still, the 36th had the highest voter turnout in the entire state in this past general election despite losing our doorbelling superpower. That is not nothing. Way to go, everyone!! I’m so proud you.

There is more to be done and to improve upon. The next goal we’d like to see to fruition is to elevate the work we do in our meetings by building an advocacy and outreach role onto the board. This will take what we do in our meetings and create a boots-on-the-ground plan. In other words, we will work to help members turn their talk into actionable steps. With this, we would like to help people learn how to connect with their elected officials in a productive way, train new leaders, build the bench, foster deeper community relationships with individuals and with businesses, bring in more BIPOC individuals living in the 36th, help energize the membership and voting base, and bring in members we sometimes lose to more action-oriented organizations.

None of this work will be possible without our Precinct Committee Officers and our members. We hope you’ll join us as the amazing, creative activists you are to help develop a local party organization that produces top-notch talent that excels in getting Democrats who are committed to our values elected up and down the ballot at home and across Washington State.

Professionally, I co-founded a 501(c)(4) nonprofit organization that advocates at all levels of government for health care system reform in Washington State. My bachelor degrees are in Political Science and Communications from the University of Washington and I also hold a Masters in Public Administration from Seattle University where I graduated magna cum laude and currently serve on the Alumni Board of Governors. I’ve called Washington home for 19 years and first became a precinct committee officer (PCO) in the 43rd before morving to the 36th where I’ve lived for 11 years.

I’m honored to be endorsed by Lt. Governor Denny Heck, Sen. Reuven Carlyle, Rep. Noel Frame, Rep. Liz Berry, Seattle Councilmember Andrew J. Lewis (D7), Seattle Councilmember Dan Strauss (D6), Washington State Democrats Chair Tina Podlodowski, King County Councilmember Jeanne Kohl-Welles, King County Democrats Chair Shasti Conrad, Former Chair and current Political Director Jeff Manson, Policy Director Summer Stinson, Secretary Laura Baird, Treasurer Sheri Feld, Membership Chair Barbara Oakrock, Neighborhood Organizer Katie Lillie, Neighborhood Organizer Layla Al-Jamal Judkins, and others.

Vice Chair Alice MacLean It has been a privilege and a delight to serve as right-hand woman to our fearless leader, Chair Nicole Gomez, for the past year and a half, and Nicole and I are running for a second term leading the 36th District Democrats. As your Vice Chair, I helped coordinate the transition to remote meetings when the pandemic hit and assisted the Chair navigate the challenging new reality. In the next two years, I hope to work with the Board and the membership to increase our advocacy efforts, help the organization transition smoothly back to in-person activities, and increase the efficiency and productivity of the Executive Board. I ask for your vote to continue supporting Nicole Gomez in her efforts to improve and grow the 36th!
Treasurer Sheri Feld I would be delighted to serve another term as Treasurer of the 36th District Democrats. I had the good fortune to retire a year and a half ago, which has given me more time to volunteer for an organization that does meaningful and important work while satisfying my detail-oriented tendencies. Besides enjoying (mostly) the challenge of the Treasurer job, I have learned so much while serving alongside the other members of the 36th executive board – an extremely smart and caring team that were instrumental in helping our state transition away from the Precinct Presidential Caucus system to a Primary among many other accomplishments. Thank you for putting your trust in me and allowing me to serve as your treasurer again.
Secretary Laura Baird I would be honored to continue to serve as your Secretary. For the past two years I’ve quietly documented and archived our organization’s positions and votes (both for the membership meetings and Executive Board), which is a vital and necessary function. I am detailed orientated, timely, and communicative, and hope that you will let me continue in this role for another two years.
Political Director Jeff Manson I was elected as 36th Political Director last year and am excited to run for a full two-year term. I’m hopeful we can get back to what we do best — doorbelling — this year, but we’ll do whatever is necessary to get out the vote! I’ve previously served as Chair of the 36th District Democrats for 8 years. I would be honored to have your vote.
Policy Director Julia Reed Greetings 36th! I would like to announce that I am going to be running for 36th LD Policy Director at the reorganization meeting in January. While I’m new to the 36th, many of you may know me from my work as Communications Vice Chair for the King County Democrats. What you may not know is that I’m a huge (aiming for Leslie Knope level) policy nerd. Public policy has been my life’s work — at the State Department and OMB in the Obama administration, as a senior policy advisor in the Seattle Mayor’s office working on youth employment, arts and culture, and emergency preparedness policy, all the way through to today where I’m an social impact consultant trying to work across sectors to create more equitable communities. I’m excited to draw on my network of policy nerds and follow in Summer’s footsteps to bring great policy panels to the 36th meetings, advance meaningful resolutions, and advocate for a better world together. I hope to have your vote!
Communications Director Constance McBarron I’m interested in the communications director position because it is an opportunity to combine my skills as a communications professional with my passion for supporting progressive local government, as seen by my role as PCO for the past four years and NCO #4 (Ballard) for the past two years. I have vast communications experience in the corporate, tech, public agency and political world, including as a communications specialist for Congresswoman Jayapal’s 2018 campaign, former communications chair for NWPC-WA, and currently as a communications lead for an environmental institute at the University of Washington. With this experience, my two primary objectives will be to update the website content to make it more user friendly and continue timely, accurate information sharing with our members and our wider community. I’d also like to hear what YOU want from your 36th communications director, and I hope to have the chance to talk with each of you about your hopes and dreams for this community. Thank you for your consideration! – Constance McBarron for Communications Chair
WSDCC Representative – Pos. 1 Summer Stinson As the 36th’s Policy Director for the last 5 years, I’ve led the Platform committee and am very proud of the 36th District Democrats’ progressive, bold, and collective-based platform. I want to serve as your State Committee Member to champion the 36th’s progressive values–on economics workers’ rights, medicare for all, fully funding the full spectrum of public education, the Green New Deal, voting rights, and investments in housing and public transit–to the State Committee. Additionally, I will work to make our party (at all levels) more inclusive. I have years of experience recruiting new people and voices to the 36th, King County, and State Dems. I’ve partnered with many community and advocacy organizations around common causes and elections.
WSDCC Representative – Pos. 2 Munya Chiro Hi! My name is Munya Chiro (he/him). I am proud to be running for WA State Committee Member for the 36th L.D. and I ask for your vote.

As a lifelong Seattleite who proudly grew up in the 36th, I work to help Seattle be a leader on climate justice, gender and racial equity, education, transit and housing for all. Being involved and aligned with our community, especially the most vulnerable, is essential for building power and winning on issues that benefit the people. I have served as the Treasurer for Shaun Scott’s 2019 city council campaign, a traveling volunteer for Bernie Sanders’ 2020 presidential campaign, and elected member of Seattle DSA’s local council. I also led many organizing efforts for Black lives this past summer. I will bring my experience in electoral and community organizing to the 36th District Democrats and use this experience to fight for our progressive values at the WA Democratic State Committee. I will work to ensure the Democratic party represents people like us by giving LDs power to democratically lead us forward by following our endorsements, making local campaigns more equitable and accessible for candidates, and holding senate and house committee PACs more accountable to the people.

I will be reaching out to PCOs directly, it would be an honor to serve the 36th.

I am endorsed by:
Robert Cruickshank (current State Committee Member from the 36th LD)
Shaun Scott (Author, Organizer, 2019 D4 City Council Candidate, current State Committee Candidate from the 43rd LD)
Amy Madden (State Committee Member of the 43rd LD)
Summer Stinson (current Policy Director of the 36th LD)

KCDCC Representative – Pos. 1
Sarah Reyneveld I’m interested in serving you as a KCDCC Representative to be a strong voice for the 36th District Dems at the King County Democrats. I currently serve as a member and was past Chair of the King County Women’s Advisory Board where I advocated for progressive issues such as quality early learning, affordable housing, the environment, and economic and social equity and justice for the people of King County. I have worked with many of you as the longtime Political Director of the 36th District Democrats, and currently as a PCO, Vice Chair of the Washington Conservation Voters, and Board member of Washington’s Paramount Duty. I want to continue to work with you to build coalitions in the Democratic Party to help to ensure that King County is prioritizing economic recovery, environmental justice and equity for all communities.
Kari Bull I am running for KCDCC Position 1 because I want to give back to you – the political community that welcomed me when I first moved to Seattle in the summer of 2019, fresh off a congressional campaign and searching to set roots in my new community. I believe I am uniquely qualified for this position because I am acquainted not only with our local politics here in the 36th and in King County from my work as Political Director for King County Young Democrats in 2020, but across several other counties in Washington through my work as a Political Organizer with Fuse Washington, a leading progressive organization in Washington. In both roles, I conducted endorsement processes to ensure the members had voice and candidates had support. I The politics of today repeatedly show us the importance of listening with a curious and discerning mind, striving fearlessly for our highest ideals in the face of white supremacy and other oppressive politics, and collaborating with intent to uplift our most marginalized peoples. If I am elected to serve in this position, I intend to lead with these values. Thank you for considering casting your vote for me.
KCDCC Representative – Pos. 2 Mackenzie McAninch My name is Mackenzie McAninch and I’m an elected PCO (1398) in the 36th District, and also the current KCDCC Representative – Pos. 2, which I was elected to early in 2020. I also serve on The King County Endorsement Committee, which I have done so for the past two years. For employment, I jumped onto the front lines of the Covid pandemic this past November, switching careers and joining Discovery Health MD, where we are focused on public Covid testing and soon to be vaccine distribution. Being involved with the community is very important to me as I’m also a member of Mom’s Demand Action for Gun Sense in America, co-founded the volunteer group Seattle Care Package Group where we work to get emergency kits to the homeless each year at Christmas, and countless more things for human rights, the environment, and beyond.

One example of why I think I’m qualified to keep my position as a KCDCC Rep is there were times where I humbly made votes on behalf of District 36 that did not always line up with my personal choices on those topics or candidates. Often these were done because I felt like the 36th body as a whole felt different about these votes than I did, and I feel like it’s my duty to vote the conscience of District 36, and I ask for your vote once again in order to continue these duties that I thoroughly enjoy.

Neighborhood Committee Officer – Pos. 1 (Greenwood/Phinney) Josh Castle I would be honored by your vote for re-election to Neighborhood Committee Officer Position 1. I became NCO during the 2020 election and worked with my fellow all-star 36th Board members on the project to send out thousands of handwritten post cards to turn out the vote. As part of this, I engaged with the PCOs and democracy champions of Greenwood, Phinney and surrounding neighborhoods on this project, who contributed countless hours of writing encouraging notes to urge 36th neighbors to vote and were instrumental in a historic turn out. I previously served as the Events Coordinator on the 36th Board for 3 years, organizing dozens of successful and fun events, forums, and fundraisers, to support the 36th. I would love to continue teaming up with the amazing PCOs and volunteers of my area and grateful for your vote allowing me to do so. Thank you!
Neighborhood Committee Officer – Pos. 2 (Belltown/Uptown) Caitlin Lee
Neighborhood Committee Officer – Pos. 3 (Magnolia) Paula Emery I joined the E-Board as NCO #3 during the 2020 general election, and was fortunate enough to work with a terrific group of dedicated volunteers on the GOTV postcard campaign. I look forward to recruiting, developing and retaining NCO #3 (Magnolia) PCOs through the next 2 years.
Neighborhood Committee Officer – Pos. 4 (Ballard area) Andie Aldana After what we went through in the last four years, I never want our country to go through the tumult we were subjected to ever again. I want to be part of movement that brings common sense and common decency to the forefront of our values, and be a spark in getting others excited to be involved in local government — which is where it all starts. At work, I’ve recently been promoted to lead a small team, which has already had an enormous impact and provided great value to our stakeholders. It would be an honor to serve the city that I’ve called home in the five years since leaving my hometown of Chapel Hill, NC.
Neighborhood Committee Officer – Pos. 5 (Loyal Heights-Sunset Hill-Broadview) Layla Al-Jamal Judkins Hello! My name is Layla Al-Jamal Judkins and I’m running for NCO position 5.

I have proudly served on the board and in that position for the last two years. Our Political team did incredible work in recruiting PCO and getting out the vote and it’s an honor to have been part of that work.

If elected, I will continue to collaborate with PCOs to make their work easier. I am committed to inspire people to take action and find gratification in their work.

A little bit about me: I grew up in the Middle East and moved to rural Louisiana when I was a teenager. I’ve lived in Ballard for nearly 15 years and I have been a 36th District PCO for the last three years. I hold an MPA from Seattle University. I’ve worked for several nonprofits throughout Seattle as a Development Manager and have years of experience in fundraising and volunteer management. I’m a 2018 Institute for a Democratic Future Fellow and currently work at City Fruit. I’m a mom to an energetic 14-month-old, Rami and a lazy 15-year-old cat, Sarge.

I look forward to seeing you all tonight where I hope to have your vote!

Neighborhood Committee Officer – Pos. 6 (Queen Anne – Westlake) Clayton Evans
Membership Coordinator Barbara Oakrock Hello 36th Members. I’m running for re-election as Membership Coordinator at the January 20th, 36th Biennial Reorganization meeting.

I was first elected in 2019 to fill a vacant seat. I have happily assisted the last three Membership Coordinators and I am inspired to serve a full term to put that experience to use for the 36th now. At first I thought I would withdraw to make way for an enthusiastic newcomer, but I have been encouraged by a number of Members and E-Board members to reconsider. So I’m a candidate.

I’m pleased to have the support of Rep. Liz Berry, Council Member Andrew Lewis, Jeff Manson, Michael Hill, Elizabeth Seigel, Laura Baird, Sheri Feld and Alice Woldt. 36th Members, I am asking for your vote.

Events Coordinator MaryKylie Cranford I am asking for your vote to continue to be the Event Coordinator for the 36th democrats because I have the experience in running and coordinating social and fundraising events and a passion for growing communities through events. Since the beginning of the pandemic, I have worked on many online community-building events for the people in the IDD community as part of my role as Event Chair in Best Buddies Washington and with the 36th democrats and the Transit Riders Union. In 2020, I hosted events of the 36th democrats including the Holiday Party, Election Night Watch Party, DNC Convention Watch Party.

As Event Coordinator for the 36th Democrats, I would focus on creating events that are inclusive and welcoming for all by using anti-racist and anti-ablism principles while planning.

Thank you for your time and I hope to earn your vote for Event Coordinator for the 36th Democrats.

Fundraising Coordinator Katie Lillie I am writing to express my interest in the fundraising coordinator position on the Executive Board of the 36th District Democrats.

For the past two years, I have proudly served as the Neighborhood Committee Officer in Queen Anne (NCO6). The political team, including all of the amazing PCOs, worked hard to achieve record high turnout in our district, which I believe was assisted by our fantastic postcard project and is the inspiration for my run for fundraising coordinator.

Building on the great work done by our current fundraising coordinator (thank you, Liz!), I am energized to find new ways to raise money for our district so we can continue to fund innovative ideas, like the postcard project, and help get more Democrats elected up and down the ballot in Washington. I have worked in various roles in politics for over 20 years and would love to continue my service here in the 36th! Thank you for your consideration.

[Proposed] Data & Technology Manager Stephen Paolini I’ve been a member of the 36th LD for 4 years and a PCO since 2020. I got into politics advocating for Gun Violence Prevention including as the Campaign Manager for Initiative 1639 to regulate assault rifles and as Field Director for Initiative 940 to hold police accountable. I am currently the Program and Policy Director for Civic Ventures where I run our digital advocacy programs, inform political strategy for our ballot and legislative priorities with data and modeling, and execute our mission to create an economy that works for everyone. I’d like to get involved with the 36th to further support by community with these skill sets and to help ensure everyone’s advocacy is effective as possible.
[Proposed] Advocacy & Resolutions Coordinator
Consuelo Echevarría I would like to build advocacy surrounding our resolutions. Often our resolutions are passed yet are not are very effectively operationalized and communicated to elected officials and the general public. I think this can be done by building coalition with 36th folks who are interested in a particular resolution and uplifting it through a variety of techniques such as letters to the editor and talking to legislators. As one of the largest lds in Seattle, please come join me to have our resolution have more of an impact on a local and perhaps even a national level.
Nicole Palczewski My name is Nicole and I’m running for E-Board so I can help the 36th LD membership get the kind of representation we need and deserve in our state legislature. I have been a PCO for two years now and want to further my commitment to the 36th LD by supporting our broader executive board, especially when it comes to clearly communicating our policy needs and supporting members who may not have the best access to technology while we’re all stuck at home. I have been on the board of the King County Young Dems as the Events and Legislative Director for two years, I’m currently on the board of the Young Democrats of Washington as their Vice President of Operations, and I want to further my impact supporting local Democrats who want to address their community needs by being a KCDCC Representative or Advocacy & Resolutions Coordinator for the 36th LD. Thank you for your consideration!
John Barry If this position is approved, I ask your support to be Advocacy and Resolutions Coordinator: fundamentally, I believe that this position is about allowing the membership to express their views and to assist members in steering their resolutions to a vote, even if I might not personally agree with the position taken. As former legislative staff, I am comfortable managing bills to passage, as well as working with elected officials to advance the issues important to my members and constituencies. When working with electeds, I would focus on building consensus support for membership positions, maintaining strong relationships in our and other districts, and pursuing creative ways to advance our priorities. I would sincerely appreciate your support.
Position (non-voting member of e-board; opposite gender) Candidate(s) Candidate Statement
KCDCC Alternate 1
Paula Emery As I become more deeply connected to the 36th LD, I’m interested, willing and able to serve as a KCDCC Alternate. I am a strong believer in succession planning and preparation as, well, life happens. In addition to serving as NOC 3 for the 36th, I serve on the Executive Committee of the Dispute Resolution Center of King County and Giddens School (a Preschool through 5th grade school with a strong commitment to social justice). In private practice, I work as an attorney and mediator in private practice, working with nonprofit organizations and individuals in probate proceedings.
Nicole Palczewski My name is Nicole and I’m running for E-Board so I can help the 36th LD membership get the kind of representation we need and deserve in our state legislature. I have been a PCO for two years now and want to further my commitment to the 36th LD by supporting our broader executive board, especially when it comes to clearly communicating our policy needs and supporting members who may not have the best access to technology while we’re all stuck at home. I have been on the board of the King County Young Dems as the Events and Legislative Director for two years, I’m currently on the board of the Young Democrats of Washington as their Vice President of Operations, and I want to further my impact supporting local Democrats who want to address their community needs by being a KCDCC Representative or Advocacy & Resolutions Coordinator for the 36th LD. Thank you for your consideration!
KCDCC Alternate 2 John Comerford I am a long-time progressive Democrat I am seeking your vote to become the Alternate Rrpresentative to the King County Democratic Executive Committee. In the past, I have served as the 36th’s representative to the KCDEC and this past year I served on their nominating committee. I have been a PCO for the past 20 years and have been a financial contributor and volunteer in Democratic campaigns for over 50 years. In 2016 I was a Democratic candidate for State Treasurer and I am now on Treasurer Pelliciotti’s transition committee. Governor Inslee appointed me to the Washington Economic Development Finance Authority Board in 2013 and to the Public Employee Benefit Board last year. Having been appointed by President Carter as the first President of the National Consumer Cooperative Bank, I have been a strong advocate for public banking in Washington and was appointed by the Speaker of the House and the Lt. Governor to serve on the Infrastructure and Public Banking Task Force. I was a Member of the credentials committee for the 2020 Democratic State Convention representing the 36th LD and have served on the platform and credentials committees for previous conventions.