May 2023 Endorsement Meeting May 24 7-9pm Via Zoom Web Conference. Please register in advance.

May 2023 Endorsement Meeting

Event Details

Please join us for our May endorsement meeting.

May 24, 7-9pm on Zoom

Register in advance here.

  • Arrive as early as 6:30pm for credentialing. (strongly encouraged)
  • Meeting will be called to order at 7:00pm.

​Meeting Overview

Our endorsement meetings are a little different from our normal meetings, so please review our code of conduct and Robert’s Rules Cheat Sheet, and expect a more detailed agenda and explanation of our endorsement process before the meeting. Please also note that we expect this meeting to run approximately a half hour longer than our usual monthly meetings.

If you are interested, please come ready to speak in favor of your preferred candidate. Candidate endorsement interviews are now posted on our YouTube channel for our members to view.

Board Recommendations

The Executive Board votes amongst themselves on endorsement recommendations, each of which is presented to the voting body as the first motion considered. Here are the Board’s recommendations for the August 2023 Primary.

The following are the recommendations from the board:
  • King County Superior Court Position 30: Coreen Wilson
  • King County Superior Court Position 38: Taki Flevaris
  • King County Superior Court Position 39: Joe Campagna
  • Washington State Court of Appeals District 1 Division 4: No Endorsement
  • King County Assessor: John Wilson
  • Port of Seattle Position 2: Sam Cho
  • Port of Seattle Position 5: No Recommendation
  • Seattle School Board Position 1: No Endorsement
  • Seattle School Board Position 2: Lisa Rivera Smith
  • Seattle City Council District 7: Andrew Lewis
  • Seattle City Council District 6: Dan Strauss
  • Seattle City Council District 5: No Recommendation
  • King County Council District 4: No Recommendation

When we get to a specific position, we will do one of the following:

  • If a specific candidate was recommended by the board: The first motion on the floor will be for the endorsement of that candidate. There will be up to 3 one-minute speeches for, up to 3 speeches against (alternating for-against-for,etc.), followed by a vote. The first speech will be given by a member of the board, representing the board’s position. If 55% of members & PCOs present and voting approve the motion, then that candidate becomes our endorsee.
    • If the vote fails, we will entertain motions from the floor for other candidates or a no endorsement motion. We will hold a non-debatable straw vote to determine the order, and then will repeat debate on the second motion. This will continue until we either pass a motion or the chair* has determined that no motion is likely to succeed, and move forward to the next position on the agenda (resulting in no endorsement).
  • If “No Endorsement” was recommended by the board: The first motion on the floor will be a motion in favor of “no endorsement” on the ballot. The rules for this are otherwise the same as if a candidate were named.
  • If “No Recommendation” was recommended by the board: We will skip straight to calling for endorsement motions from the floor. The straw vote following the call for endorsement motions will determine what motion goes first.
* The chair for most of the meeting will be Tyler Crone, but the Vice Chair, Toby Thaler, will act as chair when we discuss King County Council District 4, as Tyler has recused herself from endorsement activity related to this race.
The speeches for/against specific candidates must be made by members who were members as of April 30, or PCOs of the 36th District Democrats (new PCOs will be confirmed at the end of the meeting). If you are a candidate who is a member or PCO, you may elect to speak in one of the for/against speaker slots if you wish.

Meeting Materials

We hope to see you there!