Reminder: A new year means it's time to renew your annual membership for 2023!

Renew Your Membership for 2023!

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Renew Your Membership! 2023

A new year means it’s time to renew your membership!

Membership means you will be able to vote on endorsements, motions, resolutions, community service events we do as a district, our leadership and other activities of the 36th (certain decisions are restricted to Elected and Appointed PCOs, such as bylaws changes and election of certain officers).

Annual dues are:

$5.00 for those who are low income

$36.00 for a household

$25.00 for other members

Pay your annual dues here. Monthly donations are encouraged, and greatly appreciated, to ensure the stability of our small grassroots organization.

The bylaws cover membership details. Here are a few items of note:

    • Membership expires on Dec. 31st annually.
    • Voting privileges are extended to voting members whose dues were received 25 days prior to the meeting or by the date of the prior LD meeting*.
    • Advance payment of dues is waived (i.e. an eligible person may pay dues at that meeting and be immediately eligible to vote) under either of the following circumstances:
      • At any meeting, for those who were members in good standing during the prior calendar year, or
      • At the biennial (every odd year) reorganization meeting, for everyone.
    • The Executive Board may exercise the option of waiving dues and extending annual membership status to any person for whom the payment of dues would constitute a hardship.
    • A household membership will make all people in the household 18+ years old voting members of the membership.
    • Precinct Committee Officers are encouraged to pay dues, but retain voting privileges regardless of dues status.

* If you are a brand new member of the 36th, there is a 25-day waiting period before you attain voting rights. This waiting period is waived for those who were members during the previous calendar year.