WA State Democratic Central Committee Vacancy


After endorsements at our May 25th Membership Meeting, Elected and Appointed PCOs will vote to fill a vacancy in the following position:  Washington State Democratic Central Committee (WSDCC) – Female Representative (also referred to as “State Committeewoman”).

The State Committeewoman is one of two representatives from the 36th District Democrats to the WSDCC, a body which governs the Washington State Democratic Party, and part of which will select additional National Delegates at the State Convention in June.  The State Committeewoman is also a member of the 36th Executive Board, which governs the 36th District Democrats, including adopting a budget, making endorsement recommendations, and performing the majority of organizational operations.

The woman elected will serve until January 2017, when all 36th officer positions will be up for election to a new two-year term.  Only Elected and Appointed PCOs can vote to fill this position.

Two candidates have expressed interest in being elected on Wednesday:

Sophia Danenberg

Natalie Reber

Rita Szantay

If you are interested in having your name listed here as a potential candidate as well, please contact Jeff Manson:  jeffmanson1@gmail.com