Watch Endorsement Interviews for the 2015 General Election!


To be considered for an Executive Board’s recommendation, a candidate must participate in a recorded interview. You can check them out yourself!

Alice Woldt for Yes on I-122, Honest Elections

Matthew Wald for NO on I-122, Honest Elections

Lauren McGuire, School Board – Dist 3

Jon Grant – Seattle City Council, Position 8

Fred Felleman – Port of Seattle, Position 5

Jill Geary – School Board, District 3

Leslie Harris – School Board, District 6

Tim Burgess, City Council – Pos 8

YES on Seattle Prop 1 Transportation

Debora Juarez, City Council – Dist 5

Sandy Brown, City Council – Dist 5

Marion Yoshino, King County Port Commissioner – Pos 5

Scott Pinkham for School Board – Dist 1

YES on Best Start for Kids – County Levy

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