Board Makes Recommendations for the 2016 General Election!


The 36th District Democrats Executive Board made the following recommendations for the 2016 General Election:

Auditor Pat McCarthy
Advisory Vote 14 (Eyman superfluity) Maintained
Advisory Vote 15 (Eyman superfluity) Maintained
SJR 8210 (Rescheduling Redistricting Commission Deadline) Approved
I-732 (Carbon Tax) Yes
I-735 (Overturning Citizens United) Yes
I-1433 (Min. Wage and Labor Standards) Yes
I-1464 (Campaign and Lobbying Reform) Yes
I-1491 (Extreme Risk Protection Orders) Yes
I-1501 (Vulnerable Adult Protection) Yes
KC Charter Am. 1 (Non-partisan Prosecutor) No
KC Charter Am. 2 (Gender-neutral Language) Yes
Seattle I-124 (Hotel Worker Protections) Yes
Sound Transit Prop. 1 (Sound Transit 3) Approved
Superintendent of Public Instruction Revoke Endorsement of Erin Jones**
Superintendent of Public Instruction Endorse Chris Reykdal**

** In May 2016, the 36th District Democrats endorsed Erin Jones for Superintendent of Public Instruction. The Executive Board is recommending the 36th membership rescind this endorsement. (Per the 36th bylaws, rescinding an endorsement follows the same rules as making endorsements.) If and only if the endorsement is rescinded, then the Executive Board recommends endorsing Chris Reykdal for Superintendent of Public Instruction.  Per Article XIII, Section 5 of the Bylaws, revocation of an endorsement follows the same process as making an endorsement.

Watch the Endorsement Interviews

36th District Democrats Endorsement Meeting

Wednesday, September 21, 2016
7:00 – 9:00 PM
Phinney Neighborhood Center – Lower Building
6615 Dayton Avenue North, Seattle, WA, 98103